Friday, 3 July 2015

MP nude eyeshadow pallet

Hi everyone, 

I picked up the Models Prefer eyeshadow pallet a few weeks ago to try it out as I read good reviews. It seems like a lot of brands are coming out with nude pallets lately !

I gave it a go and I'm not too impressed  with it I must say. In the end it doesn't look bad although the formula crumbles way too much which of course led to lots of fall out . 

I found it hard to get enough product on my lid to make something out of it. The pigmentation isn't bad it just took a lot to get some colour happening .

Its great to include in your start up kit as its only $10.00!! So it's affordable :)

(Please excuse my eyebrows lol )

Have you tried this one yet ? Please let me know what you thought of it. Maybe I should try it with a wet brush to see if it makes a difference ! :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Unwind with me (skin edition)

Everyday life can be very stressful, whether your at school, university or work. It usually takes its toll on physical appearance which is why skin care is really important.

On days where my skin isn't looking it's best I like to treat myself with a good scrub or mask.

But first I start off with removing any eye makeup I'm wearing with bioderma micellair , I use this with cotton pads, I hold them over my eyes for a couple of seconds and wipe the makeup off (gently of course )

Then I go ahead and cleanse my face with Sukin cleansing gel . This works great with sensitive skin and leaves skin feeling clean and smooth.

It's mask time !! I use the St Ives smooth and hydrated oatmeal mask. This can also be used as a scrub so it's great to have two products in one !!
I absolutely love this brand as it is 100% natural . So it has to be good for the skin :) it definitely leaves the skin hydrated.

Lastly, I moisturise my face with simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser . I have found that this moisturiser does exactly what it claims and is great for wearing underneath make up !

I would love to hear your recommendations  on skin care products, leave me a comment below :)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Pintrest- winter fashion

It's almost winter here in Melbourne ( 4 seasons in one day city lol ) 
I have been looking at Pintrest, as I do...looking for some winter fashion inspiration. 

I'm absolutely loving long baggy jackets/cardigans and ripped jeans.

I have put together a couple winter staples I have been loving !! 

For all you lovely ladies around the world, what did you love to wear in winter ?? :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

OXX lipsticks

Kmart in Australia has stocked OXX makeup for a few months now. The whole range costs about $3.00AUD (pretty sure) which in Australia that's a total bargain for cosmetics !!

I wasn't able to find many of their lipstick colours as all of their products where completely mixed up so I had a hard time rummaging through all the products. :(

But I did manage to pick up the above colours. I must say I am very impressed with these lipsticks.
It's very pigmented , lasts a decent amount of time and also leaves your lips with a stain. 

The only thing I dislike is the packaging as it's very cheap, but that's what you get for $3.00 :) 

Overall it ticks all my boxes !! And I am looking forward to trying out the rest of their range !!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rimmel colour rush lip balm

If your not new to my blog you probably have noticed I'm a true hearted Rimmel girl.

The colour rush lip balm are currently my favourites. I'm a tad obsessed with them at the moment. I'm especially liking " rumour  has it " shade.

It's a gorgeous bright fushia pink.

The colour range is small for my liking but they are very pigmented and last a long time. Eventually when it wears off, it leaves a stain which I like!!

I hope you liked this post, I would love to know your thoughts on this line !

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pintrest- hair inspiration

I spend way too much time on Pintrest these days. I tend to stick to dark brown all year round, But I have been inspired to try something different with my hair colour.

I am absolutely loving this deep burgundy colour . ( i  wonder if I can pull it off ) 
I think I'm going to go for it !! Especially as it's almost winter here in Australia , I think that colour would be great in the colder months.

What are your Pintrest hair inspirations ??

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Maybelline super stay 24 hour foundation

I'm currently trying out the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour foundation . I have created a pros and cons list below that may help you decide whether to give this product a try :) 

I bought the lightest colour which is Ivory (if I'm correct )

My list is based on my oily skin type !

The formula works
It has great coverage
A little goes a long way
Lasts a long time ( haven't put the 24 hours to the test ) 

The packaging. There is no pump so it gets messy :( 
Expensive $23.95 AUDI 
The colour selection is abit orangy